Divide players into two teams.In each half, one team will attack 4 nets ant the other only two of them .The team with more goals after the second half, wins.

Make two teams.Place ramdomly small goals all around playground (one more goal than players on a team).The objective is to maintain posesion and score as many goals as possible.A goal is scored by making a pass throught any goal.When the defending team stole the ball, the positions are changed (defenders-attackers).

Divide playground and place a team on each side.They have to maintain possesion on their ground and attack after 5 or 6 passes.When the defending team steal the ball, then they get the ground of the team that lose it.

Two teams of 7 and a goalkeeper each.There are placed two goals made of pivots at the middle of the field, at sides .Pass the ball througth a goal is worth half a point.To score a normal goal is worth 1 point.

Match between two teams of 7 players each.Four goals made of pivots will be put on the corners of the field, while a fifth one will be on the middle.One of the teams will try to score on the corner´s goals, while the other one will keep the ball.

Each player grabs a ball.Half team inside circle and the other half outside.The outside player have to displace, by shooting balls, the ball that is inside.

Reduced space match between two teams.2 jokers that play always with the ball owner.

Match with two teams.A team will score a goal if it enters any of the four goals with the ball controlled .

Match between two teams.At the marked zones will be placed an attacker.To score, the ball must come from one of those.

Divide players into two team.Each team attack and defend a goal.To score a goal, it must be after a pass backwards.

Serie of passes between 4 players in wich a wall pass or dribbling is made and then a kick .x1 pass the ball to x4 and get it back, then a pass to x2.x2 pass to x3.x3 drives and wall pass to x2 or dribbles at the other side the opposition of x4.x3 finish the exercise with a kick to goal.

Players are divided into two teams that fight for the ball.Teams play around a marked zone on wich there will be one player of each team .A point will be scored each time a pass is made with that player.Each five minutes the inside player will be changed.

Basculation between X1, X2 and X3.Before X3 receives the ball,X4 makes a support outmark for making a wall pass with X3.After that wall pass, he drives some meters and pass to the arriving X5 and X6.

Field divided into three zones.At the two outside zones a 2x1 will be played while at the central zone it will be a 3x3 .The objetive is to pass tha ball to the companion of the opposite zone .A point will be scored by the team that make a "go and return" without losing the ball .