A ball circulation is made, with two touches per player and changing the orientation between x1, x2 and x3.x3 makes a pass towards the position of the forwarder x5.x5 leaves the ball at one touch to the forwarder x4.x4 aopens the ball to the side when x1 is near.x1 make a center pass for x4 and x5 to cap.

Combinative action for 5 players .X1 starts the play with a pass to X2 who at the first touch make a wall pass whit him .X1 Playing at one touch passes to X3.X1 will pass so to be at the initial position of X2.X3 makes a pass and at that moment, X5 runs to him, so after a wall pass, they pass to the arriving X4.X5 Will then be at the the position of X1 and X4 Will be at the position of X5.Kicks will be made to golal except the defenders, who will try to kick the ball between pivots (at least 2 of each 3 kicks).

Passing the ball between the defense of four players by oriented controls and touched passes .Once the ball reaches the player 4, he makes a small control while the 5 makes a support outmark.Wall pass between players 4 and 5 to pass then looking for the cap of the players 5 and 6 Who wait at the first and second pole .Defenders will follow the play .The forwarders must reach in speed.

The defensive play is placed by system ($, at 4-4-2) .2 plyers placed at the center of the field will then pass risen balls .The objetive is to make savings oriented to the flanks (Passing players zone, or when it is possible, to control the ball and drive it to that zone).2 defenders will try to avoid that by difficulting the actions .When the exercise dinamics are well know, for making it more real: .Make the defensive line to start at a more advanced position and make the exercise runing backwards.