2 Attackers versus an defender.X3 receive backwards a pass from X1.X3 Have two options : Dribble and kick to goal or protect the ball ,make time, and wait for X1.X2 defends.

Match between two teams.Each team defends and attacks three goals.

4 players placed at the corners of a square .2 Players defending and trying to cut and get the ball.When they cut the ball 5 times they interchange their positions with 2 outside players .

Match between 2 teams.Each team attacks and defends 4 goals (two at sides, two frontal).It is played widewards.

Reduced space match between two teams.2 jokers that play always with the ball owner.

Players are divided into two teams.Goals are paced ramdomly, one more than players.The objective is to score the max, while maintining owning.A goal is scored by making a pass throught a goal.If the defending team gets the ball, then they attack.

Divide players into teams of 4.They play 4 on 4 placed as a lozenge (Side and long support) .The final objetives are the short combinations and the quick endings .Man to man marking is required to increase outmarking, dribbling...The team that has scored the much after three minutes, wins .

The players are divided into two teams (one attacks the big goal, while the other attacks the two smaller ones ) .The team that defends the big goal falls back covering spaces and play at counterattack when recovers ball .The team that attacks the big goal tries to construct with patience and presses near enemy area.

3 teams, 2 attack (zones 1 and 3)and one defending (zone 2).Objetive: To maintain ball owning between the two zones of attack without the defensive team robbing it.Half of the players from the defensive team can enter to presionate to the field with the ball, (1) and the rest stay on the defensive area (2).

Match between two teams.Field divided into three zones .To score, a kick must be done from the mid zone (wich is faraway from goals) .The joker plays with the team that owns the ball.

Encounter between two teams.Each team has a player that is behind enemy goal.To score a wall pass must be made with that player throught goal.The ball will be given back with only one touch .

3 attackers vs 3 defenders.1 joker who plays with the ball owner, He cannot pass the limit line, but can kick to goal .

Match with two teams.A team will score a goal if it enters any of the four goals with the ball controlled .

Match between two teams.At the marked zones will be placed an attacker.To score, the ball must come from one of those.

There are two teams of three playerws each.They have to maintain owning of the ball with the help of two players who are out of the field .The rest will play in their signaled area, that cannot be leaved .The passes will be done between areas and with the pivots.

The players are divided into two teams.Each team attack and defend two goals.One point will be scored by driving the ball throught an opponent goal.

Divide players into two team.Each team attack and defend a goal.To score a goal, it must be after a pass backwards.