Make two teams.Place ramdomly small goals all around playground (one more goal than players on a team).The objective is to maintain posesion and score as many goals as possible.A goal is scored by making a pass throught any goal.When the defending team stole the ball, the positions are changed (defenders-attackers).

Divide players into two teams.Each team will have a defensive player that will not leave the defensive area.There will be two ways of scoring: kick inside the goal defended by the goalkeeper or drive throught cones.

The players are divided into two teams that fight to keep the ball. In the marked zone (square) could only enter a player per team .A goal will be scored when a team get a combo of pass and devolution with a player inside square.They can´t stand still at square.

Each team places 4 players inside playground and tow outside players supporting at sides, plus there are two jokers supporting at bottom .The objetive is to own the ball as many time as possible, but they have to make a change of position, (inside-outside) each time that any of the inside players passes to a outside one Se trata de mantener la posesión del balón el.

The playground is dividen into two zones, each one with three players of each team.Each team attacks a, only one, goal.The objetive is to pass the ball into the attack zone and get superiority (the player that passes the ball goes to the attack zone) .If the opposite player recovers the ball, only that player could recover his defensive position on the other zone .

There will be 3 rounds to the circuit, made by repetitions.1ª) 20 iterations on a time 2ª) 15 iterations on a time 3ª) 10 iterations on a about 30" between times.a Time: 1-Abd.dorsal 2-Lumbar with leg elevation 3-Abd.inferior with leg elevation 4-Upper Abd. with extended legs 5-Lumbar with body elevation 6-Upper Abd. with semi extended legs.

Series;1)Upper abdominal extended legs.2)Lower abdominal alternatively rising semiextended legs.3)Oblicuals by body side bending.4)Lumbars with body elevation and legs extended.5)Lower abdominal by extend and retract legs by the ground.6)Upper abdominal with leg elevation at 90 º.Two complete runs around playground:1st)30” running 30” recovering.2)20” running 40” recovering.

Series;1)Bend and extend legs with oposition.2)Try to reach the floor with extended leg, with oposition.3)Advance with a companion carried on back.4)Jump over an crouched companion.5)Simultaneusly bend and extend legs with oposition, back on the floor.6)Resistance to run, grabbed by hip.Two complete runs of the playground:1ª)30” of action 30” recovering.2ª)20” of action 40” recovering.

Two teams of 6 or more players.One team will place half each side of a line of ten meter with all balls .The other team, placed at the beggining of the line, will try to run.For each player that do it, the team wins a point.One all players have passed, the teams interchange positions.

Two teams are made.First team sprint 15 meters and walking back recovering.When it gets back, the other team start.Then the fisrt team runs, a go and back sprint , so prograssively to 5 long runs, and then down to one.Always the same distance that has been sprinted is walked back recovering.

Series;1)Leg flexing and jump.2)Feet together jumpling over ball .3)Advance with only one leg.4)Semi-sit legs at 90º.5)Advanced Skipping .6)heels near ass advancing.Two complete laps at circuit:1ª)30” action 30” recovering.2ª)20” action 40” recovering.

Make a complete lap to a muscle improving circuit, form 10 to 15 iterations for exercise.Diferent modes can be used to work each exercise (weights, machines...).It is importaant to work global (Upper side of body, lower side, abdominal...).Non maximun weights(60-70% of capacity), and using different muscle groups.

Upper body exercise with different items (Weights, medicinal balls, companion resistance, ropes...).Work all muscular groups.1) Curl of biceps (alternate or simultaneous).2) Series of triceps.3)Side rising of shoulders (alternate or simultaneous).4) Chest series.Make exercises dimamicaly and with great extent.

Players are divided into two teams.Goals are paced ramdomly, one more than players.The objective is to score the max, while maintining owning.A goal is scored by making a pass throught a goal.If the defending team gets the ball, then they attack.

Divide players into teams of 4.They play 4 on 4 placed as a lozenge (Side and long support) .The final objetives are the short combinations and the quick endings .Man to man marking is required to increase outmarking, dribbling...The team that has scored the much after three minutes, wins .

Combined action with 4 player reaching goal and capping .x1 Make a drive and pass to x3.x3 returns with 1 touch towards x2.x2 make a change of orientation looking for outmarking from x4.x2 Will reach to the short one, x3 to the penalty point and x1 to the second pole.

A triangle zone is marked from the corners to the center of the field.The defensive team will be placed inside this zone and will be unable to exit it. They will have to control all the space and avoid the attacker team from scoring a goal .The team with the ball will play with 3 players inside and 3 player outside the zone with the only objetive of scoring a goal.