4 small goals are placedat 7-8 meters of the area .4 players attack and 3 more and a goalkeeper defend .Attackers must pass the ball thru any of the small goals to be able to attack the big one .Defenders must prevent it by defending first the small goals and later the big one.

Two teams play inside a square.The team with the ball will have as objetive exiting the square with the ball controlled (driving it).The opponent team will try to pretent them from doing it by moving all the players over the ball .

The players are divided in pairs and are distributed along the external sides of the marked squares .The game is about passing with the ball to the square playec back of the defenders.Defenders will try to make it imposible to get the ball controlled into that zone .Defenders cannont change position nor cross each other. They are supposed to defend at a zone .

The defensive play is placed by system ($, at 4-4-2) .2 plyers placed at the center of the field will then pass risen balls .The objetive is to make savings oriented to the flanks (Passing players zone, or when it is possible, to control the ball and drive it to that zone).2 defenders will try to avoid that by difficulting the actions .When the exercise dinamics are well know, for making it more real: .Make the defensive line to start at a more advanced position and make the exercise runing backwards.