Elevate and descend without using hands.Support each other with back.

Movement in group coordinating rythm.One after another grapping companion´s leg .

Series;1)Bend and extend legs with oposition.2)Try to reach the floor with extended leg, with oposition.3)Advance with a companion carried on back.4)Jump over an crouched companion.5)Simultaneusly bend and extend legs with oposition, back on the floor.6)Resistance to run, grabbed by hip.Two complete runs of the playground:1ª)30” of action 30” recovering.2ª)20” of action 40” recovering.

Series;1)Sprint race with slalom 2)Frecuency of touching with both feet between pikes .3)Sprint race by zig-zag.4)Bit by bit enlarge leaps with one step between pikes .5)Jump with feet together over fences and accelerate.6)Amplitude introducing a leg in each hoop.Two complete loops at circuit:1ª)30” of action 30” recovering.2ª)20” of action 40” recovering.After finishing the serie, back to previous position walking.

Inside field there are different obstacles as pikes, cones....Half of team´s plyers are `placen outside of the square with ball .All the others, run inside.When signaled they must pass each obstacle (jumping, slalom, zigzag...) and give back the ball with only one touch to some outside player.

Two teams are made.First team sprint 15 meters and walking back recovering.When it gets back, the other team start.Then the fisrt team runs, a go and back sprint , so prograssively to 5 long runs, and then down to one.Always the same distance that has been sprinted is walked back recovering.

Series;1)Leg flexing and jump.2)Feet together jumpling over ball .3)Advance with only one leg.4)Semi-sit legs at 90º.5)Advanced Skipping .6)heels near ass advancing.Two complete laps at circuit:1ª)30” action 30” recovering.2ª)20” action 40” recovering.

It will be comendable to find two slopes with differen inclination; Long slope (8% aprox ), Short slope (25% aprox ).1st serie; 8 iterations of 50 meters over 8% slope. 2nd serie;6 iterations of 50 meters over 8% slope but faster..3rd serie; 4 iterations of 10 meters over 25% slope.Slope, inclinated upwards..

Find a place with aprox. 20 stairs, not too narrow.1st serie; 8 iterations, walking going up two by two.2nd serie;8 iterations, walking going up one by one.3rd serie; 8 iterations, running going up one by one.4ª serie; 8 iterations, two by two running.Recovering and extensions between series.transferency should by worked then, by 5 progresions of about 20 meters.

Power work exercise.1st serie; 8 minutes of continuous running.2nd serie; 8 minutos of different types of displacements(backwards, sidewards, skipping...).3rd serie; 8 minutes Speed reaction (Start, Start-stop-start...).4th serie; 8 minutes of multijump exercises with sprinting start (Frontal jump, kneels to torso, jumping backwards...).

Make a complete lap to a muscle improving circuit, form 10 to 15 iterations for exercise.Diferent modes can be used to work each exercise (weights, machines...).It is importaant to work global (Upper side of body, lower side, abdominal...).Non maximun weights(60-70% of capacity), and using different muscle groups.

Warming up work, frecuency(speed) and coordination.1) Skipping; alternative rising of knees (90º)and arms, parallel to body.2) Alternative rising of heels to ass.3)Static positioned forward alternatively one leg like stepping .4) Open and cross both legs (each time one higher than the other) .

This series are an example of exercises that can be made with different available things(Weights Medicinal balls, ropes...).These exercises are for the strnghtening of: Cuadriceps, Isquiotibiales, Gemeli, Gluteus....1)Sit down; legs at 90º.2) Split or forward step; Leg forward 90º.3)Cuadriceps extension with oposition (weight, medicinal ball, companion...).4) Isquios extension with charge(weight, ball, companion...).

Warming up joint movility.1)Both heels movility (Up-down, side, twist...).2) Kneels; (twist, side, forward-backwards...)legs together or spaced.3) Waist; side,forward-backwards, twist....4)Shoulder movility; forward-backwards, twist...(Alternate or simultaneous).It is important to exercise all joints.

Warming up without displacement by four different kinds of exercise;.1)Upper body warming: Arms forwards and backwards....2) Joint movility:ankles, kness, wrist,shoulder, neck .3)Lower body warming: Skipping, heels, open close....4) All muscle groups stretch: gemeli, cuadriceps, isquiotibials....

Cuadriceps, isquiotibials and adductors strech valid for warming up or for going down.1) Stand up in frontal position with a leg up 90º.2)Stand up in side position,With a leg extended and tyhe other 90º.3) Side deep extension with hands on the floor.4)Full deep frontal extension.

Stretch of gemeni isquitibials, cuadriceps and abductors on wall, very suitable for going down.1) Laying with straight back and leg extended.2) Place near wall and put a feet on it(talón laying on ground).3) Backwards with a leg bended behind body and on wall .4) Laying on ground with legs extended and open supported by wall.