It´s about avoiding to touch the pivot.The players position in a circle with a pivot in the middle.They spin around in a direction and, by the signal, they try to move backwards to force another player to touch the pivot.The touching player is eliminated.

Forming in a circle, getting each other hands and a player in the middle of the circle.That player try to exit the circle by the gaps between arms or legs or upwards.

The players must move around a circle.the players must sit on the knees of the previous player.rotate alternating inside and outside.

series;1)Side opening of both legs, and bending body forwards touching feets .2)Arm flexions(making the lizard).3)Cuadriceps extension while standing on one leg .4)Squatting, walking .5)on Knees balancing torso backwards and forwards.6)Fence jump position, looking for the feet end. Two complete laps to circuit:1)15” action .2)20” action .Walk recovering between series.

Series;1)Elevation of leg to the companion chest and with both hands try to touch the feet.2)Side opening and torso bending with help.3)Both companions grabhanded and legs side opened try to put their pelvis together.4)Knocked down face downwards, try to get the leg as high as you can.5)Knocked down torso elevation.6)Knocked down both legs to torso.

Take with the flat side of hand the same side of head.Initiate a neck flexing, so you reach the stretching point.Maintain stretching 15"-rest 10"-Stretch again.Back to start position slowly to avoid pain and motion sicknessFluid and relaxed breathing.Cervical zone is very sensible, so we have to be cautious not to suffer pain.

Warming up, flexibility and coordination .1) Forward flexion of body and stretch with inclination backwards.2)Side twist (180º), with both arms.3)Side flexion, rising opposite arm.4) Body flexion, with open legs and looking alternatively for both legs with both arms.

Warming up joint movility.1)Both heels movility (Up-down, side, twist...).2) Kneels; (twist, side, forward-backwards...)legs together or spaced.3) Waist; side,forward-backwards, twist....4)Shoulder movility; forward-backwards, twist...(Alternate or simultaneous).It is important to exercise all joints.

Warming up, recovery or flexibility work.1)Hands grabbed with palms upwards, extend arms over head.2) Hands grabbed with palms outwards, extend arms in front of the body.3) Hands grabbed with palms outwards, extend arms behind body.4)Flexing elbow around neck and pushing elbow inwards.

Warming up without displacement by four different kinds of exercise;.1)Upper body warming: Arms forwards and backwards....2) Joint movility:ankles, kness, wrist,shoulder, neck .3)Lower body warming: Skipping, heels, open close....4) All muscle groups stretch: gemeli, cuadriceps, isquiotibials....

Cuadriceps, isquiotibials and adductors strech valid for warming up or for going down.1) Stand up in frontal position with a leg up 90º.2)Stand up in side position,With a leg extended and tyhe other 90º.3) Side deep extension with hands on the floor.4)Full deep frontal extension.

stretch especially suited for coming down after training. 1) On kness and ass over legs, Body extension with arms on ground.2) The cat; Bend down with arms extended;extend and relax body.3) Sit down with legs forwards twist body to the side.4) Laying on ground make fully extension of body(legs, arms...).