It a speed circuit with ball.The player makes an high pass to goalkeeper and changes ryth to receive the ball from him . Then he makes a wall pass with change of rytm with another teammate .Third action should be a maximun speed drive .Finishing a long and high pass and a sprint to goal.

Combined action with 4 player reaching goal and capping .x1 Make a drive and pass to x3.x3 returns with 1 touch towards x2.x2 make a change of orientation looking for outmarking from x4.x2 Will reach to the short one, x3 to the penalty point and x1 to the second pole.

Mixed action between three players .Star with a wall pass (x1 to x2) and then a deep pass to the outmarked x3 .x3 controls to goal and ends kicking .Develop action both sides.

Mixed action with 4 players .The play start by a wall pass between (X1 and X2).After that X1 Makes a change of orientation while X3 outmarks.X3 after controlling kick in the direction of X4, so he caps.X2 support if the ball is rejected.

X1 passes to X2 and receive the ball from him, them he makes a high pass to X3.X3 returns the ball in one touch to X6.X6 Start the exercise (same as X1) but at the other side of the rectangle.It is make continuosly so each player places himself one place forwards clockwise .At half time, change the direction of rotation.

Ball circulation from side to side of the field between three players.A forth one after signaling the ball owner break towards big area .Then the forwarder outmarks sidewards to get the ball En ese momento el delantero realiza un desmarque.He then pass to any other player to cap .

Serie of passes between 4 players in wich a wall pass or dribbling is made and then a kick .x1 pass the ball to x4 and get it back, then a pass to x2.x2 pass to x3.x3 drives and wall pass to x2 or dribbles at the other side the opposition of x4.x3 finish the exercise with a kick to goal.

Basculation between two players to pass to a third who receives after making an outmark .Once the ball is received a deep pass to the side is made so a fourth player pass to the area.

X1 make a starting pass to X2.X2 controls and make a vertical pass towards X3.X3 controls and make a diagonal pass towards X1.X1 make a wall pass and finally leaves the ball at the broder of the area so X4 runs to the ball and kicks to goal.

A ball circulation is made, with two touches per player and changing the orientation between x1, x2 and x3.x3 makes a pass towards the position of the forwarder x5.x5 leaves the ball at one touch to the forwarder x4.x4 aopens the ball to the side when x1 is near.x1 make a center pass for x4 and x5 to cap.

Ball flow between X1,X2 and X3.WAll pass of X3 with X5.Pass back to X2 who kicks to goal.

Passes between X1-X2 and X3.X6 makes a rupture outmarking and controls the deep pass send by X3.X6 passes to X4, who arrives from back.

Basculation between X1-X2 and X3.X4 makes a wall pass with X3.X3 drives some meters and passes loooking for X6 and X4 to cap.

Basculation between X1,X2 and X3.When X3 recibe receives the ball, X5 makes an outmarking movement to recive the ball from X3.They make a wall pass.X5 goes for the cap(at the first pole) and X4(at the second one).

Combinación entre 5 jugadores a través de la cual A change of orientation from flank to flank is achieved .All the exercise is done with oriented control, and touched, low passes .The forwarder will finish the action by kicking to goal after a wall pass and an outmarking action .Work the exercise at both steerages .Make the players rotate.

X4 passes to the flank where X1 is.X1 wall passes to X2 and later they pass in diagonal to para X3.X3 leaves the ball towards the space in front of X2.X2 deep passes towards the forwarder X4.X4 makes a short combination with X3 and outmarks himself to receive a deep pass and finish the exercise kicking to goal.

X1 drives and makes a low pass to X4.X4 leaves the ball to the space in front of X3 and incorporates himself to the sprint to kick the ball from outside the area .X3 changes orientation by hanging the ball towards the position of the forwarder X5.X5 leaves the ball at one touch to the arriving X4 who finishs the action by kicking to goal.