Signal two limiting lines on both sides, after wich and on attack zone, two players of each team are placed.At goal kicking zone there are always an attack superiority of 3 vs 1.The goal keepers passes continuosly to the side where the players make a wall pass before returning the ball . The team that score more goals wins.

Two players of a team play on other two fo other team on a square of 20 meters with the objetive of passing the ball 10 times one after another .The rest of the players (two on each team) will be places outside the square .When ten passes has been done, the outside players will place themselves behind goals, to be liberated after a combination.And so numeric superiorities will be formed inside squares (3 on 2,...).

Each team places 4 players inside playground and tow outside players supporting at sides, plus there are two jokers supporting at bottom .The objetive is to own the ball as many time as possible, but they have to make a change of position, (inside-outside) each time that any of the inside players passes to a outside one Se trata de mantener la posesión del balón el.

Three teams place two players each inside a circle and two players outside .Two team maintain ball owning both inside and outside circle in front of the defending team (the team that losses the ball) .Each team will get a goal when combines a inside player with an outside one (or the contrary) throught a goal.

The playground is dividen into two zones, each one with three players of each team.Each team attacks a, only one, goal.The objetive is to pass the ball into the attack zone and get superiority (the player that passes the ball goes to the attack zone) .If the opposite player recovers the ball, only that player could recover his defensive position on the other zone .

Series;1)Arms elevation over head, with resistance2)Extensions of arms with resistance.3)Advance like a pushcart.4)pushing one on one with arms extended.5)Arm wrestling with one arm in the ground.6)Join arms to body with resistance.Tow complete runs around playground:1st)30” running 30” recovering.2nd)20” running 40” recovering.

Make three laps at circuit.1ª) 30" of action 30" recovering - 2ª) 25" of action 35" recovering - 3ª) 20" of action 40" recovering .Series: 1. Jumps with feet together2.Arm resistance 3. Abdominal lumbar 4. Lateral jump with feet together 5. Arm movement with static feet 6.Upper Abdominal .

Inside field there are different obstacles as pikes, cones....Half of team´s plyers are `placen outside of the square with ball .All the others, run inside.When signaled they must pass each obstacle (jumping, slalom, zigzag...) and give back the ball with only one touch to some outside player.

Two teams are made.First team sprint 15 meters and walking back recovering.When it gets back, the other team start.Then the fisrt team runs, a go and back sprint , so prograssively to 5 long runs, and then down to one.Always the same distance that has been sprinted is walked back recovering.

Make a complete lap to a muscle improving circuit, form 10 to 15 iterations for exercise.Diferent modes can be used to work each exercise (weights, machines...).It is importaant to work global (Upper side of body, lower side, abdominal...).Non maximun weights(60-70% of capacity), and using different muscle groups.

Match between 2 teams.Each team attacks and defends 4 goals (two at sides, two frontal).It is played widewards.

Players are divided into two teams.Goals are paced ramdomly, one more than players.The objective is to score the max, while maintining owning.A goal is scored by making a pass throught a goal.If the defending team gets the ball, then they attack.

Divide players into teams of 4.They play 4 on 4 placed as a lozenge (Side and long support) .The final objetives are the short combinations and the quick endings .Man to man marking is required to increase outmarking, dribbling...The team that has scored the much after three minutes, wins .

Two teams of three or four player are placed into the area.The defender team is required to do man on man marking.A joker will be placed outside the area and will play with the offensive team .A goal will be scored: by entering any goal withh the ball controlled or by kicking to goal.

Two marked zones are prepared, with 15-20 meters between them (A zone by the side, and B zone in front of the small area) .on each one are 3 ofensive players and 1 defensive player are placed .The ball begins on A zone and they have to maintain the ball owning without the defender stealing it .For passing the ball from A zone to B zone, a minimun of four touches have to be made .On B zone another four touches must be made, to finish attacking the goal.

The players are dividen into three teams .2 teams maintain the owning of the ball while the third one tries to steal it .When the ball is stealed, the defender team passes to the atack and the team that lost the ball passes to defend.

The players are dividen into three teams .2 teams maintain the owning of the ball while the third one tries to steal it .When the ball is stealed, the defender team passes to the atack and the team that lost the ball passes to defend.