Divide players into two teams.Each team defend and attack 3 little nets placed along end line .The Goal will be get by entering the ball into any net.

Divide players into two teams.In each half, one team will attack 4 nets ant the other only two of them .The team with more goals after the second half, wins.

Players are divided into two teams.each team defend a big net and two small nets places at the sides .they have to try to score the bigger number of goals.The goals into the bigger net are worth twice.

Divide players into three teams.2 teams play inside playground ant the other outside, as support.The two teams will try to score, for what they can use outside players as support .Each 8 or 10 minutes, rotate teams.

Divide players into two teams. Play seven on seven plus two goalkeepers.Establish Tactical objetives as needed;pressing, falling back, steering....

Divide players into two teams.Each team will have a defensive player that will not leave the defensive area.There will be two ways of scoring: kick inside the goal defended by the goalkeeper or drive throught cones.

The players are divided into two teams.One team will try to maintain ball, and can have support from both goalkeepers (who play with feet).When the defending team gets the ball, it will try to score on any goal.At half time the positions interchange.The team with bigger score wins.

Signal two limiting lines on both sides, after wich and on attack zone, two players of each team are placed.At goal kicking zone there are always an attack superiority of 3 vs 1.The goal keepers passes continuosly to the side where the players make a wall pass before returning the ball . The team that score more goals wins.

The players are divided into two teams, also the field is divided into two fields.Each team will have two outside supporting players on the attack sides .There will be played a match , but all players must be on the attacked field for the goal to be scored .If any of the defending players is on the attackers side of the field, the goal will score double.

The playground is dividen into two zones, each one with three players of each team.Each team attacks a, only one, goal.The objetive is to pass the ball into the attack zone and get superiority (the player that passes the ball goes to the attack zone) .If the opposite player recovers the ball, only that player could recover his defensive position on the other zone .

The players are placed at end line, one each side of goal, a pass in direction to penalty point is made, so the player in the opposite side can run and strike.One the pass is made the player run to kick to goal.After kicking they change sides.

2 or 3 players are placed at the sides of the area and the resto of the players make two rows out of the area, perpendicular to the goal .Side players make a short wall pass and center to the area where two players go to cap.The capping players cross out of the area .

Two marked zones are prepared, with 15-20 meters between them (A zone by the side, and B zone in front of the small area) .on each one are 3 ofensive players and 1 defensive player are placed .The ball begins on A zone and they have to maintain the ball owning without the defender stealing it .For passing the ball from A zone to B zone, a minimun of four touches have to be made .On B zone another four touches must be made, to finish attacking the goal.

Superiority play of 6 attackers on 4 defenders .Before finishing the play, a predetermined number of passes must be made .The objetive is to get superiority on attack or inside spaces to finish the play by changes of orientation or by ofensive variables.They will try to score the maximun number of goals in a given time.

The players are divided into two teams.There are two small goals, placed at the sides, and one big goal, at the middle.The objetive is to score the most, but to score at the big goal, it must be done by head.

X1 make a starting pass to X2.X2 controls and make a vertical pass towards X3.X3 controls and make a diagonal pass towards X1.X1 make a wall pass and finally leaves the ball at the broder of the area so X4 runs to the ball and kicks to goal.

The players are divided into 6 positions ; 4 at the end line and 2 more at the center areas .X1 begins at the end line, getting support from the inside player X2, passes to X3 and get into the flank to pass to the area.X3 returns the ball when X1 arrives.X2 after doing the support get inside area to cap.Players interchange positions.