Forming in a circle, getting each other hands and a player in the middle of the circle.That player try to exit the circle by the gaps between arms or legs or upwards.

It consist in a change of positions.each player place at an hour mark.When the trainer says a time, hour and minute, the players change theirs positions as faster as possible.

1)Throw ball over head .2)Jump over a rope with feet together.3)Arm moving(forward and backwards).4ª)Ball dominion in air.5)Walking on hands (with or without suppoting).6)zigzag backwards.Two complete circuit laps:1ª)45” action 15” recovering.2ª)40” action 20” recovering.

Power work exercise.1st serie; 8 minutes of continuous running.2nd serie; 8 minutos of different types of displacements(backwards, sidewards, skipping...).3rd serie; 8 minutes Speed reaction (Start, Start-stop-start...).4th serie; 8 minutes of multijump exercises with sprinting start (Frontal jump, kneels to torso, jumping backwards...).

2 Attackers versus an defender.X3 receive backwards a pass from X1.X3 Have two options : Dribble and kick to goal or protect the ball ,make time, and wait for X1.X2 defends.

Players are divided into two teams.Goals are paced ramdomly, one more than players.The objective is to score the max, while maintining owning.A goal is scored by making a pass throught a goal.If the defending team gets the ball, then they attack.

Match between two teams.At the marked zones will be placed an attacker.To score, the ball must come from one of those.

8 to 10 pikes are placed randomly on the field .Inside that area a ball owning game is played between 5 attackers and two defenders .attacking players must keep the ball by outmarking continuosly and preventing tha ball from touching any pike .When the defenders get the ball 5 times, the roles are changed.

Divide the players in groups of three .The players can move freely thru the field making passes while moving .The first player makes a high pass towards the second, who will try to hit the ball with the head and direct it towars the third player who previously has outmarked.