Pass the ball between pairs . The ball can be controled.Change distances.Change the kicking leg.

In pairs at a distance of 10m..Passing the ball between the two player, changing the kicking leg.

Passes between two players.The ball between the central cones.Control plus pass.Change of side each 2 series.

The players, placed at a triangle, pass the ball between them.The controls will be oriented.

Players place forming a triangle.They make a preogression of controls and passes playing at two touches and using both legs Realizan .The players move to the place they send the ball to .Make the exercise at both directions.

Passes between two players and after a dribbling kick to goal.The action starts with a long pass by the defender.

Series of passes playing at only one touch when the ball is coming back and at two touches the rest of the actions.When the ball reaches 3 a wall pass opposited action is made (3 and 4 with the opposing player 4) .Rotate positions and make the exercise until the basic mechanics are learned.Chenge the direction the exercise so both legs are used.

A serie for 5 players is played.A player placed at the half of the field tries to avoid the pivot from getting hit .He will have to intercept the ball without losing sight of the pivot .He cannont be at more than one meter of the pivot.

Series of passes between players as signaled in the graphic.

Maintain the ball owning trying that to avoid it from being intercepted by the player placed at the center of the circle.

Continuos wall passes between several players. Once the last wall pass is made, drive the ball and make a long pass to another player to control and start over again.

Drive the ball to later kick to goal.After dribbling all the cones go towards the farter two to kick to goal.

Drive around a zone and then kick to goal.Each player will have an assigned number.On a zone near the penalty zone, the players move the ball.When the coach shouts a number, the player with that number must kick to goal.

Touch the cones placed at the opponent field with the ball.Two teams of 3 players each must kick the ball to the opponent field and try to touch the cones that the other team defends .The team that gets it sooner, wins.

A player runs to the middle of the field where, after rounding a pivot will make a deep pass .Once this pass is made, the player behind will start to run, drive the ball some meters and pass to the area so the first player cap to goal .

A player drives the ball to the middle of the field where he has to round a pivot.When he has passed the pivot a companion who is 5 meters behind him will start to run after him to steal the ball before the first player reaches the kicking line.

Passes for two players with kick to goal included .They start by driving the ball and then a pass to an outmarked second player.He makes an oriented control, drives some meters and passes so the first player cap to goal.