It´s about avoiding to touch the pivot.The players position in a circle with a pivot in the middle.They spin around in a direction and, by the signal, they try to move backwards to force another player to touch the pivot.The touching player is eliminated.

The players must move around the field.Lined, one after another with the feet on the head of the next one.

Pested game.In the moment that a player get touched by the pested player he will be inmobiliced.He will be able to move again only if another player passes between his legs.

Two files, the players back to back with lazed arms try to push.They have to push the opponent team further of the line formed by the pivots.

There will be 3 rounds to the circuit, made by repetitions.1ª) 20 iterations on a time 2ª) 15 iterations on a time 3ª) 10 iterations on a about 30" between times.a Time: 1-Abd.dorsal 2-Lumbar with leg elevation 3-Abd.inferior with leg elevation 4-Upper Abd. with extended legs 5-Lumbar with body elevation 6-Upper Abd. with semi extended legs.

Series;1)Upper abdominal extended legs.2)Lower abdominal alternatively rising semiextended legs.3)Oblicuals by body side bending.4)Lumbars with body elevation and legs extended.5)Lower abdominal by extend and retract legs by the ground.6)Upper abdominal with leg elevation at 90 º.Two complete runs around playground:1st)30” running 30” recovering.2)20” running 40” recovering.

Series;1)Arms elevation over head, with resistance2)Extensions of arms with resistance.3)Advance like a pushcart.4)pushing one on one with arms extended.5)Arm wrestling with one arm in the ground.6)Join arms to body with resistance.Tow complete runs around playground:1st)30” running 30” recovering.2nd)20” running 40” recovering.

run from a group to the other.Runner carries two medicinal balls.

Make three laps at circuit.1ª) 30" of action 30" recovering - 2ª) 25" of action 35" recovering - 3ª) 20" of action 40" recovering .Series: 1. Jumps with feet together2.Arm resistance 3. Abdominal lumbar 4. Lateral jump with feet together 5. Arm movement with static feet 6.Upper Abdominal .

Make a complete lap to a muscle improving circuit, form 10 to 15 iterations for exercise.Diferent modes can be used to work each exercise (weights, machines...).It is importaant to work global (Upper side of body, lower side, abdominal...).Non maximun weights(60-70% of capacity), and using different muscle groups.

Warming up, flexibility and coordination .1) Forward flexion of body and stretch with inclination backwards.2)Side twist (180º), with both arms.3)Side flexion, rising opposite arm.4) Body flexion, with open legs and looking alternatively for both legs with both arms.

Upper body exercise with different items (Weights, medicinal balls, companion resistance, ropes...).Work all muscular groups.1) Curl of biceps (alternate or simultaneous).2) Series of triceps.3)Side rising of shoulders (alternate or simultaneous).4) Chest series.Make exercises dimamicaly and with great extent.

Distribute players in teams (2 or 4).Move the medicinal ball in reliefs.First only a ball will be used, taken on hands or alternatively under each arm, an then a second ball is taken,one under each arm.30 meters or so between teams.It is important to recover between rounds.

Players position is on circle, taken by hands.The prosecuter is outside the circle and tries to reach a concrete player on the circle.This player is on the opposite side of the circle.All the circle tries to avoid that player from being touch by moving around.

2 Attackers versus an defender.X3 receive backwards a pass from X1.X3 Have two options : Dribble and kick to goal or protect the ball ,make time, and wait for X1.X2 defends.

Match between 2 teams.Each team attacks and defends 4 goals (two at sides, two frontal).It is played widewards.

Reduced space match between two teams.2 jokers that play always with the ball owner.