Divide players into three teams.2 teams play inside playground ant the other outside, as support.The two teams will try to score, for what they can use outside players as support .Each 8 or 10 minutes, rotate teams.

Divide players into two teams.Each team will attack and defend two small goals. The goal of the game is to score the most, while working the cnages of orientation and the rythm of the driving.At the same time, as they have to defend two small goals, the game is very suitable to work on zone defense, with supporting, changes of role and position for every player on team .

Inside field there are different obstacles as pikes, cones....Half of team´s plyers are `placen outside of the square with ball .All the others, run inside.When signaled they must pass each obstacle (jumping, slalom, zigzag...) and give back the ball with only one touch to some outside player.

The players are divided into two teams of 7 each and two goals are placed with cones on the inside zone of the playground .The objetive of the game is to score on any goal.For the point to be valid it must be scored on the back of the goal.On this Match there will be no goalkeepers.

The players are divided into two teams.There are two small goals, placed at the sides, and one big goal, at the middle.The objetive is to score the most, but to score at the big goal, it must be done by head.

A triangle zone is marked from the corners to the center of the field.The defensive team will be placed inside this zone and will be unable to exit it. They will have to control all the space and avoid the attacker team from scoring a goal .The team with the ball will play with 3 players inside and 3 player outside the zone with the only objetive of scoring a goal.

Two teams attacking each one on two goals and with two players placed at the flank of the field .The teams fall back to their areas to defend .When the ball is stolen a long pass to one of the external players is made to ensure a quick counterattack .

Four squares of 10x10 meters are prepared, separated by a central line.On each zone a offensive player is placed inside, and a defensive player at the limits .Two attackers more will play at the central line with the opposition of one defender .The objetive is to maintain the ball by looking constantly for pass lines that make it easier for the ball owner .Defenders will only be able to go for the ball if it is at their defensive zone.

Inside a marked zone are placed a group of four players and another one of three players .Out of the field are placed two players more that only can receive passes of the three players .They have to maintain ball owning the longer time possible.

The field is dividen into two zones, and the players on three players teams .The objetive is to overcome the opponents defensive lines by using the superiority .At the first action a 2x1 is tried and at the scond one is a 3x2 .Apoint is scored if they overcome the las line of defense with the ball controled .If they get it They maintain the ball for the next time, else, the roles are changed.

The playground is dividen into 3 zones that increase in wheight .The objetive is to progress quicky overcoming opponent lines, exploiting superiority.Progresively situacions of more players are resolved 2x1, 3x2, 4x3.Each team have 5 minutes to overcome the maximun number of times all the lines .After 5 minutes, the roles are changed.

X1 wall passes to X2 and then open the ball towards the position of X3.X3 makes an oriented control and passes to X2.X2 Makes a control with protection and twist to pass to X4.X4 after controlling the ball makes a deep and high pass towards the starting position .Make the exercise changing the direction of the ball.