Divide players into two teams.Each team defend and attack 3 little nets placed along end line .The Goal will be get by entering the ball into any net.

Divide playground and place a team on each side.They have to maintain possesion on their ground and attack after 5 or 6 passes.When the defending team steal the ball, then they get the ground of the team that lose it.


Match between two teams.The big goal can only be scored after a pass from outside the big area, that goal is worth 1 point.On the goal made of pivots the goal is worth 0,5 points .The team with more points win.

There will be 3 rounds to the circuit, made by repetitions.1ª) 20 iterations on a time 2ª) 15 iterations on a time 3ª) 10 iterations on a about 30" between times.a Time: 1-Abd.dorsal 2-Lumbar with leg elevation 3-Abd.inferior with leg elevation 4-Upper Abd. with extended legs 5-Lumbar with body elevation 6-Upper Abd. with semi extended legs.

Series;1)Sprint to 1st signal, and back recovering, Sprint to 2nd signal, and back recovering...2)One touch passes with feet inside.3)Air ball dominion in pairs (with feet) .4)Just like serie one, but driving a ball.5)Jump with feets together over fences.6)ball dominion in pairs (with head).Two complete runs around playground:1ª)30” of action 30” of recovering.2ª)20” of action 40” of recovering.

Series;1)Upper abdominal extended legs.2)Lower abdominal alternatively rising semiextended legs.3)Oblicuals by body side bending.4)Lumbars with body elevation and legs extended.5)Lower abdominal by extend and retract legs by the ground.6)Upper abdominal with leg elevation at 90 º.Two complete runs around playground:1st)30” running 30” recovering.2)20” running 40” recovering.

Series;1)Arms elevation over head, with resistance2)Extensions of arms with resistance.3)Advance like a pushcart.4)pushing one on one with arms extended.5)Arm wrestling with one arm in the ground.6)Join arms to body with resistance.Tow complete runs around playground:1st)30” running 30” recovering.2nd)20” running 40” recovering.

The players are numbered from 1 to 6.They will be signaled by pairs.They will run to the pivot.The last one in reaching the pivot will be eliminated .

Series;1)Bend and extend legs with oposition.2)Try to reach the floor with extended leg, with oposition.3)Advance with a companion carried on back.4)Jump over an crouched companion.5)Simultaneusly bend and extend legs with oposition, back on the floor.6)Resistance to run, grabbed by hip.Two complete runs of the playground:1ª)30” of action 30” recovering.2ª)20” of action 40” recovering.

Make four teams (two per area).Run with amplitude (70-80%) from area to area, recovery walking to plaground´s end and to area.Team run in relief´s mode(finish one and start another).8 iterations, When done 3 min of active recovering.Reduce to three teams and make 6 iterations.Finish with 5 minutes of active recovering.

The players are divided into four teams.The exercise will be done throught playground.6 go and back running.4 go and back, recovery jogging.2 go-back-go, recovery walking(when returning).4 go, recovery jogging.Make seriaes at 79.80%.To finish, 5 minutes of active recovering.

Series;1)Sprint race with slalom 2)Frecuency of touching with both feet between pikes .3)Sprint race by zig-zag.4)Bit by bit enlarge leaps with one step between pikes .5)Jump with feet together over fences and accelerate.6)Amplitude introducing a leg in each hoop.Two complete loops at circuit:1ª)30” of action 30” recovering.2ª)20” of action 40” recovering.After finishing the serie, back to previous position walking.

Four different teams are made.One for goal, and two at middlefield (one in each side) .The have to make a chase run.Each team must cath the rest of the players without losing team mates.

Make three laps at circuit.1ª) 30" of action 30" recovering - 2ª) 25" of action 35" recovering - 3ª) 20" of action 40" recovering .Series: 1. Jumps with feet together2.Arm resistance 3. Abdominal lumbar 4. Lateral jump with feet together 5. Arm movement with static feet 6.Upper Abdominal .

Players are placer into two rows and in the middle it´s placed an small fence (60 cm). Players must pass the ball over fence and quicky jump the fence with feet together .

Two teams of 6 or more players.One team will place half each side of a line of ten meter with all balls .The other team, placed at the beggining of the line, will try to run.For each player that do it, the team wins a point.One all players have passed, the teams interchange positions.

Series;1)Leg flexing and jump.2)Feet together jumpling over ball .3)Advance with only one leg.4)Semi-sit legs at 90º.5)Advanced Skipping .6)heels near ass advancing.Two complete laps at circuit:1ª)30” action 30” recovering.2ª)20” action 40” recovering.