It´s abour reaching the first to one of the pivots.The pivots will be numbered.At the signal of the trainer the players will run to the pivot named.The last one to reach will be eliminated.

The players must move around a circle.the players must sit on the knees of the previous player.rotate alternating inside and outside.

A ball pero player except two players.These will try to steal the balls of the rest of the players.

Series;1)Upper abdominal extended legs.2)Lower abdominal alternatively rising semiextended legs.3)Oblicuals by body side bending.4)Lumbars with body elevation and legs extended.5)Lower abdominal by extend and retract legs by the ground.6)Upper abdominal with leg elevation at 90 º.Two complete runs around playground:1st)30” running 30” recovering.2)20” running 40” recovering.

Series;1)Bend and extend legs with oposition.2)Try to reach the floor with extended leg, with oposition.3)Advance with a companion carried on back.4)Jump over an crouched companion.5)Simultaneusly bend and extend legs with oposition, back on the floor.6)Resistance to run, grabbed by hip.Two complete runs of the playground:1ª)30” of action 30” recovering.2ª)20” of action 40” recovering.

1)Throw ball over head .2)Jump over a rope with feet together.3)Arm moving(forward and backwards).4ª)Ball dominion in air.5)Walking on hands (with or without suppoting).6)zigzag backwards.Two complete circuit laps:1ª)45” action 15” recovering.2ª)40” action 20” recovering.

series;1)Side opening of both legs, and bending body forwards touching feets .2)Arm flexions(making the lizard).3)Cuadriceps extension while standing on one leg .4)Squatting, walking .5)on Knees balancing torso backwards and forwards.6)Fence jump position, looking for the feet end. Two complete laps to circuit:1)15” action .2)20” action .Walk recovering between series.

Arm warming exercises, joint movement and coordination.1)Alternatively rise and lower the arms(Right up, left down...).2)Open arms and cross them in front of the body(Each time a arm is higher).3)Make big circles with both arms(Forwards and backwards).4)Continuos sequence; Cross in front of the body, cross backwards, rise both, lower both.

Group is distributed into teams of two or three.Moving around there is done: jogging, joint movement, stretching,changes of direction and rythm.Rythm, movements,dificulcy and intensity mus be progresive .Begin at generic exercises and finish with specific ones.

Warming up without displacement by four different kinds of exercise;.1)Upper body warming: Arms forwards and backwards....2) Joint movility:ankles, kness, wrist,shoulder, neck .3)Lower body warming: Skipping, heels, open close....4) All muscle groups stretch: gemeli, cuadriceps, isquiotibials....

Cuadriceps, isquiotibials and adductors strech valid for warming up or for going down.1) Stand up in frontal position with a leg up 90º.2)Stand up in side position,With a leg extended and tyhe other 90º.3) Side deep extension with hands on the floor.4)Full deep frontal extension.

Stretch of gemeni isquitibials, cuadriceps and abductors on wall, very suitable for going down.1) Laying with straight back and leg extended.2) Place near wall and put a feet on it(talón laying on ground).3) Backwards with a leg bended behind body and on wall .4) Laying on ground with legs extended and open supported by wall.

stretch especially suited for coming down after training. 1) On kness and ass over legs, Body extension with arms on ground.2) The cat; Bend down with arms extended;extend and relax body.3) Sit down with legs forwards twist body to the side.4) Laying on ground make fully extension of body(legs, arms...).

Passes between two players.They must be about 10 or 15 meters away.Control oriented to the starting point.Little driving after controlling the ball.Changing the positions at the series.

Several players placed at a circle with one of them on the middle.They have to pass the ball, that cannot touch the ground.the ball will always pass thru the middle player.

Consecutive passes between two teams of several players.Once the pass is made, they will retur to the group walking backwards.Both legs will be used and only a touch is allowed.