It is a match between two teams.Each time will have a man permanently on the defensive zone (free player), All the other players are placed along the field.A goal is scored by kicking to net in the defensive area, or by head from anywere.

Two teams of 4 players each and a goalkeeper play a match on the big area of a football field.They can only use head pasees.If the ball touches the ground, then it is passed to the opponent team.


The players must move around the field.Lined, one after another with the feet on the head of the next one.

Play to score with head.Passes will be done with the hands.The goals scored when some player of the team is in the midfield will be void.

Series;1)Sprint to 1st signal, and back recovering, Sprint to 2nd signal, and back recovering...2)One touch passes with feet inside.3)Air ball dominion in pairs (with feet) .4)Just like serie one, but driving a ball.5)Jump with feets together over fences.6)ball dominion in pairs (with head).Two complete runs around playground:1ª)30” of action 30” of recovering.2ª)20” of action 40” of recovering.

Series;1)Arms elevation over head, with resistance2)Extensions of arms with resistance.3)Advance like a pushcart.4)pushing one on one with arms extended.5)Arm wrestling with one arm in the ground.6)Join arms to body with resistance.Tow complete runs around playground:1st)30” running 30” recovering.2nd)20” running 40” recovering.

Players are placer into two rows and in the middle it´s placed an small fence (60 cm). Players must pass the ball over fence and quicky jump the fence with feet together .

Inside field there are different obstacles as pikes, cones....Half of team´s plyers are `placen outside of the square with ball .All the others, run inside.When signaled they must pass each obstacle (jumping, slalom, zigzag...) and give back the ball with only one touch to some outside player.

1)Throw ball over head .2)Jump over a rope with feet together.3)Arm moving(forward and backwards).4ª)Ball dominion in air.5)Walking on hands (with or without suppoting).6)zigzag backwards.Two complete circuit laps:1ª)45” action 15” recovering.2ª)40” action 20” recovering.

Take with the flat side of hand the same side of head.Initiate a neck flexing, so you reach the stretching point.Maintain stretching 15"-rest 10"-Stretch again.Back to start position slowly to avoid pain and motion sicknessFluid and relaxed breathing.Cervical zone is very sensible, so we have to be cautious not to suffer pain.

Warming up joint movility.1)Both heels movility (Up-down, side, twist...).2) Kneels; (twist, side, forward-backwards...)legs together or spaced.3) Waist; side,forward-backwards, twist....4)Shoulder movility; forward-backwards, twist...(Alternate or simultaneous).It is important to exercise all joints.

Warming up, recovery or flexibility work.1)Hands grabbed with palms upwards, extend arms over head.2) Hands grabbed with palms outwards, extend arms in front of the body.3) Hands grabbed with palms outwards, extend arms behind body.4)Flexing elbow around neck and pushing elbow inwards.

The players are divided into two teams.There are two small goals, placed at the sides, and one big goal, at the middle.The objetive is to score the most, but to score at the big goal, it must be done by head.

Two players place themselves at each side of the field and make dribbling actions with a final dead pass. Another two players go for the cap.The player placed at the first stick leaves the ball pass thru his legs and the player that he has behind finishes kicking to goal.

Drive the ball to later kick to goal.After dribbling all the cones go towards the farter two to kick to goal.

Divide the players in groups of three .The players can move freely thru the field making passes while moving .The first player makes a high pass towards the second, who will try to hit the ball with the head and direct it towars the third player who previously has outmarked.

Consecutive passes between two teams of several players.Once the pass is made, they will retur to the group walking backwards.Both legs will be used and only a touch is allowed.