Match between two teams.Each team defends and attacks three goals.

Match between two teams.Field divided into three zones .To score, a kick must be done from the mid zone (wich is faraway from goals) .The joker plays with the team that owns the ball.

3 attackers vs 3 defenders.1 joker who plays with the ball owner, He cannot pass the limit line, but can kick to goal .

There are two teams of three playerws each.They have to maintain owning of the ball with the help of two players who are out of the field .The rest will play in their signaled area, that cannot be leaved .The passes will be done between areas and with the pivots.

The players are divided into two teams.Each team attack and defend two goals.One point will be scored by driving the ball throught an opponent goal.

There are two teams inside the field.2 players, placed outside play as jokers.The objective is to continuosly own the ball while taking it from side to side of the square (It must pass througth both jokers) .Each ten sucessive passes of the same team, a goal is scored.

X1 pass to X2 who drive the ball to the big area .X1 runs to encounter X2 to function as defender.X2 dribbles and ends with a kick .

X2 start running to enter a 1x1 with X1 who goes to encounter him.X3 gets into the play to support X2 who can then pass or wall pass.

X1 long passes to X3 who controls and try to overcome the opposition of X1 and X2.X2 covers X1 should he become surpased.

X1 pass and get ball back from realiza X2.X1 pass to X3 and both goes to encounter to act as defender.X3 drives to get an 1x1 versus X1.X2 goes to support X3 giving him the possibility of making a wall pass or simply pass.To finish there is a goal kick.

Mixed action with 4 players .The play start by a wall pass between (X1 and X2).After that X1 Makes a change of orientation while X3 outmarks.X3 after controlling kick in the direction of X4, so he caps.X2 support if the ball is rejected.

Simple combination between X1 and X2 in with a wall pass with opening to the side is made towards the outmarked X1.X1 drives and pass sidewards to capping X2.X2 ends by kicking.This must be made at both sides of the field.

Mix of passes (Double wall pass) between X1 andX2.after wich X1 will make a change of X3.X3 ends by capping to goal.X2 stays looking for a possible rebound .Make the exercise at both sides of the field.

Ball circulation from side to side of the field between three players.A forth one after signaling the ball owner break towards big area .Then the forwarder outmarks sidewards to get the ball En ese momento el delantero realiza un desmarque.He then pass to any other player to cap .

2 or 3 players are placed at the sides of the area and the resto of the players make two rows out of the area, perpendicular to the goal .Side players make a short wall pass and center to the area where two players go to cap.The capping players cross out of the area .

Basculation between two players to pass to a third who receives after making an outmark .Once the ball is received a deep pass to the side is made so a fourth player pass to the area.

There are placed two team inside a square, they have to fight for the ball .They have to make a little change of rythm everytime a pass is made .The player that dont make it is penaliced with 10 abdominals or something like that.