2 Attackers versus an defender.X3 receive backwards a pass from X1.X3 Have two options : Dribble and kick to goal or protect the ball ,make time, and wait for X1.X2 defends.

Divide players into teams of 4.They play 4 on 4 placed as a lozenge (Side and long support) .The final objetives are the short combinations and the quick endings .Man to man marking is required to increase outmarking, dribbling...The team that has scored the much after three minutes, wins .

3 attackers vs 3 defenders.1 joker who plays with the ball owner, He cannot pass the limit line, but can kick to goal .

Match with two teams.A team will score a goal if it enters any of the four goals with the ball controlled .

There are two teams of three playerws each.They have to maintain owning of the ball with the help of two players who are out of the field .The rest will play in their signaled area, that cannot be leaved .The passes will be done between areas and with the pivots.

Two teams of three or four player are placed into the area.The defender team is required to do man on man marking.A joker will be placed outside the area and will play with the offensive team .A goal will be scored: by entering any goal withh the ball controlled or by kicking to goal.

X1 pass to X2 who drive the ball to the big area .X1 runs to encounter X2 to function as defender.X2 dribbles and ends with a kick .

X1 makes a pass and goes to encounter X2.EHe controls, drive, and after dribble X1 kick to goal.The exercise is made at both sides of the field (With two balls) .Change of positions.

Begining backwards to the goal,X3 receives a pass from X1 while X4 defends.X3 has two options : face X4 and kick to goal, protect the ball or make time and look for a wall pass with X1.

The players are divided into teams of 4 . The play is 4 on 4 on a lozenge position (side suppor and long support) and two supports at the endline of tha attacking goal .The basic objetives are the short combinations and the fast play endings .They have to mark on the man to make outmarking and dribbling easier .Outside players can only play at one touch.

Field divided into three zones.At the two outside zones a 2x1 will be played while at the central zone it will be a 3x3 .The objetive is to pass tha ball to the companion of the opposite zone .A point will be scored by the team that make a "go and return" without losing the ball .

Four squares of aproximately 10 x 10 meters are prepared, They will be separated by a central line .On each zone will be an offensive player and a defensive one at the limits.Another attacker will play at the central line.The objective of the game is to maintain the ball thru the continuos search for passing lines that make it harder to lose the ball .The defenders will only be abble to try to get the ball if it is at their defensive zone.

Four squares of 10x10 meters are prepared, separated by a central line.On each zone a offensive player is placed inside, and a defensive player at the limits .Two attackers more will play at the central line with the opposition of one defender .The objetive is to maintain the ball by looking constantly for pass lines that make it easier for the ball owner .Defenders will only be able to go for the ball if it is at their defensive zone.

Inside a marked zone are placed a group of four players and another one of three players .Out of the field are placed two players more that only can receive passes of the three players .They have to maintain ball owning the longer time possible.