Divide players into teams of 4.Match in reduced space between two teams.Cobine support, wall passes, dribbling... to get a goal.Play must have maximun intensity.

Make two teams.Place ramdomly small goals all around playground (one more goal than players on a team).The objective is to maintain posesion and score as many goals as possible.A goal is scored by making a pass throught any goal.When the defending team stole the ball, the positions are changed (defenders-attackers).


Signal two limiting lines on both sides, after wich and on attack zone, two players of each team are placed.At goal kicking zone there are always an attack superiority of 3 vs 1.The goal keepers passes continuosly to the side where the players make a wall pass before returning the ball . The team that score more goals wins.

Normal match, but players can get outside zone.Each player will be 3 minutes in each of the three areas .The central passage will be bigger than the other two .The goalkick could be directly to a side zone player.

X1 make a wall pass with X2.X1 pass to X3 who controls and go back to first position.Driving with different leg at each side of the Y.

A playground of about 3 or 5 meters with a center passway will be prepared, and a player placed there.This player will try to touch the players passing by.If a player gets touched, he will take hand with the rest of the touched players and try to cath more people.

It a speed circuit with ball.The player makes an high pass to goalkeeper and changes ryth to receive the ball from him . Then he makes a wall pass with change of rytm with another teammate .Third action should be a maximun speed drive .Finishing a long and high pass and a sprint to goal.

Stretch of gemeni isquitibials, cuadriceps and abductors on wall, very suitable for going down.1) Laying with straight back and leg extended.2) Place near wall and put a feet on it(talón laying on ground).3) Backwards with a leg bended behind body and on wall .4) Laying on ground with legs extended and open supported by wall.

Encounter between two teams.Each team has a player that is behind enemy goal.To score a wall pass must be made with that player throught goal.The ball will be given back with only one touch .

X2 start running to enter a 1x1 with X1 who goes to encounter him.X3 gets into the play to support X2 who can then pass or wall pass.

On one of the sides the player drives the ball and dribbles to finish kicking.At the other side of the field, driving and wall pass it´s worked , finishing in kick too.Once made, the positions are changed.

X1 pass and get ball back from realiza X2.X1 pass to X3 and both goes to encounter to act as defender.X3 drives to get an 1x1 versus X1.X2 goes to support X3 giving him the possibility of making a wall pass or simply pass.To finish there is a goal kick.

Mixed action between three players .Star with a wall pass (x1 to x2) and then a deep pass to the outmarked x3 .x3 controls to goal and ends kicking .Develop action both sides.

Mixed action with 4 players .The play start by a wall pass between (X1 and X2).After that X1 Makes a change of orientation while X3 outmarks.X3 after controlling kick in the direction of X4, so he caps.X2 support if the ball is rejected.

Simple combination between X1 and X2 in with a wall pass with opening to the side is made towards the outmarked X1.X1 drives and pass sidewards to capping X2.X2 ends by kicking.This must be made at both sides of the field.

Mix of passes (Double wall pass) between X1 andX2.after wich X1 will make a change of X3.X3 ends by capping to goal.X2 stays looking for a possible rebound .Make the exercise at both sides of the field.

2 or 3 players are placed at the sides of the area and the resto of the players make two rows out of the area, perpendicular to the goal .Side players make a short wall pass and center to the area where two players go to cap.The capping players cross out of the area .