Divide players into two teams.Each team defend and attack 3 little nets placed along end line .The Goal will be get by entering the ball into any net.

Divide players into two teams. Play seven on seven plus two goalkeepers.Establish Tactical objetives as needed;pressing, falling back, steering....

The players are divided into two teams.One team will try to maintain ball, and can have support from both goalkeepers (who play with feet).When the defending team gets the ball, it will try to score on any goal.At half time the positions interchange.The team with bigger score wins.

Signal two limiting lines on both sides, after wich and on attack zone, two players of each team are placed.At goal kicking zone there are always an attack superiority of 3 vs 1.The goal keepers passes continuosly to the side where the players make a wall pass before returning the ball . The team that score more goals wins.

Simple combination between X1 and X2 in with a wall pass with opening to the side is made towards the outmarked X1.X1 drives and pass sidewards to capping X2.X2 ends by kicking.This must be made at both sides of the field.

Ball circulation from side to side of the field between three players.A forth one after signaling the ball owner break towards big area .Then the forwarder outmarks sidewards to get the ball En ese momento el delantero realiza un desmarque.He then pass to any other player to cap .

2 or 3 players are placed at the sides of the area and the resto of the players make two rows out of the area, perpendicular to the goal .Side players make a short wall pass and center to the area where two players go to cap.The capping players cross out of the area .

The players are divided into two teams.There are two small goals, placed at the sides, and one big goal, at the middle.The objetive is to score the most, but to score at the big goal, it must be done by head.

Two players place themselves at each side of the field and make dribbling actions with a final dead pass. Another two players go for the cap.The player placed at the first stick leaves the ball pass thru his legs and the player that he has behind finishes kicking to goal.

A player runs to the middle of the field where, after rounding a pivot will make a deep pass .Once this pass is made, the player behind will start to run, drive the ball some meters and pass to the area so the first player cap to goal .

The players are placed at both flanks of the field and at the sides of the goals.The players at the flanks drive the ball while making tecnical actions (dribbling, wall passes), before passing to the center of the small area.Two players run from the same side as the passer and after crossing, they go for the cap .The passer, when returning to the start position will serve as a support for a wall pass.