Each team places 4 players inside playground and tow outside players supporting at sides, plus there are two jokers supporting at bottom .The objetive is to own the ball as many time as possible, but they have to make a change of position, (inside-outside) each time that any of the inside players passes to a outside one Se trata de mantener la posesión del balón el.

The playground is dividen into 3 zones that increase in wheight .The objetive is to progress quicky overcoming opponent lines, exploiting superiority.Progresively situacions of more players are resolved 2x1, 3x2, 4x3.Each team have 5 minutes to overcome the maximun number of times all the lines .After 5 minutes, the roles are changed.

A player runs to the middle of the field where, after rounding a pivot will make a deep pass .Once this pass is made, the player behind will start to run, drive the ball some meters and pass to the area so the first player cap to goal .

X1 wall passes to X2 and then open the ball towards the position of X3.X3 makes an oriented control and passes to X2.X2 Makes a control with protection and twist to pass to X4.X4 after controlling the ball makes a deep and high pass towards the starting position .Make the exercise changing the direction of the ball.

X1 passes low to X2.X2 controls and protects, then twist to pass to X3.X3 makes an oriented control and passes to X4 Who returns the ball to the same position where X5 starts the exercise over again, but in the other direction.

The players are placed at both flanks of the field and at the sides of the goals.The players at the flanks drive the ball while making tecnical actions (dribbling, wall passes), before passing to the center of the small area.Two players run from the same side as the passer and after crossing, they go for the cap .The passer, when returning to the start position will serve as a support for a wall pass.