Players are divided into two teams.each team defend a big net and two small nets places at the sides .they have to try to score the bigger number of goals.The goals into the bigger net are worth twice.

Divide players into two teams. Play seven on seven plus two goalkeepers.Establish Tactical objetives as needed;pressing, falling back, steering....

Two teams of 7 and a goalkeeper each.There are placed two goals made of pivots at the middle of the field, at sides .Pass the ball througth a goal is worth half a point.To score a normal goal is worth 1 point.

The players are divided into two teams, also the field is divided into two fields.Each team will have two outside supporting players on the attack sides .There will be played a match , but all players must be on the attacked field for the goal to be scored .If any of the defending players is on the attackers side of the field, the goal will score double.

Match between 2 teams.Each team attacks and defends 4 goals (two at sides, two frontal).It is played widewards.

Reduced space match between two teams.2 jokers that play always with the ball owner.

The players are divided into two teams (one attacks the big goal, while the other attacks the two smaller ones ) .The team that defends the big goal falls back covering spaces and play at counterattack when recovers ball .The team that attacks the big goal tries to construct with patience and presses near enemy area.

Encounter between two teams.Each team has a player that is behind enemy goal.To score a wall pass must be made with that player throught goal.The ball will be given back with only one touch .

Match between two teams.At the marked zones will be placed an attacker.To score, the ball must come from one of those.

The players are divided into two teams.Each team attack and defend two goals.One point will be scored by driving the ball throught an opponent goal.

Divide players into two team.Each team attack and defend a goal.To score a goal, it must be after a pass backwards.

Superiority play of 6 attackers on 4 defenders .Before finishing the play, a predetermined number of passes must be made .The objetive is to get superiority on attack or inside spaces to finish the play by changes of orientation or by ofensive variables.They will try to score the maximun number of goals in a given time.

The players are dividen into three teams .2 teams maintain the owning of the ball while the third one tries to steal it .When the ball is stealed, the defender team passes to the atack and the team that lost the ball passes to defend.

Two teams attacking each one on two goals and with two players placed at the flank of the field .The teams fall back to their areas to defend .When the ball is stolen a long pass to one of the external players is made to ensure a quick counterattack .