Divide players into two teams. Play seven on seven plus two goalkeepers.Establish Tactical objetives as needed;pressing, falling back, steering....

Players are divided into two teams.Each team defends a big goal, and two smaller ones, placed on the sides of their defensive zones.They must score as many goals as possible.The goals on the big net are worth twice.

the players are paired and distributed between squares.The game is about getting into the square, without being touched by defenders.The defenders will eliminate an attacker if he gets touched before reaching the line.Defenders must stay in the zone, they cannot change positions.

Match between two teams.Each team defends and attacks three goals.

The players are divided into two teams.Each team attack and defend two goals.One point will be scored by driving the ball throught an opponent goal.

X1 long passes to X3 who controls and try to overcome the opposition of X1 and X2.X2 covers X1 should he become surpased.

A triangle zone is marked from the corners to the center of the field.The defensive team will be placed inside this zone and will be unable to exit it. They will have to control all the space and avoid the attacker team from scoring a goal .The team with the ball will play with 3 players inside and 3 player outside the zone with the only objetive of scoring a goal.