Players are divided into two teams.each team defend a big net and two small nets places at the sides .they have to try to score the bigger number of goals.The goals into the bigger net are worth twice.

Divide players into two teams. Play seven on seven plus two goalkeepers.Establish Tactical objetives as needed;pressing, falling back, steering....

Players are divided into two teams.Each team defends a big goal, and two smaller ones, placed on the sides of their defensive zones.They must score as many goals as possible.The goals on the big net are worth twice.

Match between two teams.The big goal can only be scored after a pass from outside the big area, that goal is worth 1 point.On the goal made of pivots the goal is worth 0,5 points .The team with more points win.

In half a field, divided in two sides, there is played a game 5 on 4 .The team with 4 players press with 3 of them the side of the field with the ball .The oponent team must score on the small goals.

All players but one will have a bodice attached backards.The bodiceless player will try to get one from another player .The game will finish when nobody has a bodice.

Each pair occupies two goals made with pivots.The left player have the ball and must pass it to the right´s .After pass the two players run for the opposite goal.

Find a place with aprox. 20 stairs, not too narrow.1st serie; 8 iterations, walking going up two by two.2nd serie;8 iterations, walking going up one by one.3rd serie; 8 iterations, running going up one by one.4ª serie; 8 iterations, two by two running.Recovering and extensions between series.transferency should by worked then, by 5 progresions of about 20 meters.

Match between two teams.Each team defends and attacks three goals.

The players are divided into two teams.Each team attack and defend two goals.One point will be scored by driving the ball throught an opponent goal.

Players are dividen into two teams .Both of them figth for the ball .At the same time they will be able to score by passing the ball throught any of the four goals .Two goalkeepers will defent these goals, and they can move freely by them .

players are divided into two teams. Both teams will try to maintain tha ball playing around a marked zone (central circle).A goal will be scored when a successful pass is made thru that zone .

Depending on the system used by each team x players will be placed at the system positions .The objetive is that the players elaborate different plays simulating real game actions .The coach will impose some rules; That all players must touch the ball before capping, that the ball must go thru both flanks, etc .

Four squares of 10x10 meters are prepared, separated by a central line.On each zone a offensive player is placed inside, and a defensive player at the limits .Two attackers more will play at the central line with the opposition of one defender .The objetive is to maintain the ball by looking constantly for pass lines that make it easier for the ball owner .Defenders will only be able to go for the ball if it is at their defensive zone.

The field is dividen into two zones, and the players on three players teams .The objetive is to overcome the opponents defensive lines by using the superiority .At the first action a 2x1 is tried and at the scond one is a 3x2 .Apoint is scored if they overcome the las line of defense with the ball controled .If they get it They maintain the ball for the next time, else, the roles are changed.

A player runs to the middle of the field where, after rounding a pivot will make a deep pass .Once this pass is made, the player behind will start to run, drive the ball some meters and pass to the area so the first player cap to goal .

Passing and returning between two players. the first player will drive the ball towards the companion, then dribbles him and shoots to goal.