Divide players into two teams. Play seven on seven plus two goalkeepers.Establish Tactical objetives as needed;pressing, falling back, steering....

Inside Big area two teams play a 3 on 3, with goalkeepers.Third player touchin ball is required to shoot to goal.

Normal match, but players can get outside zone.Each player will be 3 minutes in each of the three areas .The central passage will be bigger than the other two .The goalkick could be directly to a side zone player.

3 attackers vs 3 defenders.1 joker who plays with the ball owner, He cannot pass the limit line, but can kick to goal .

There are two teams of three playerws each.They have to maintain owning of the ball with the help of two players who are out of the field .The rest will play in their signaled area, that cannot be leaved .The passes will be done between areas and with the pivots.

X1 pass to X2 who drive the ball to the big area .X1 runs to encounter X2 to function as defender.X2 dribbles and ends with a kick .

The players are divided into teams of 4 . The play is 4 on 4 on a lozenge position (side suppor and long support) and two supports at the endline of tha attacking goal .The basic objetives are the short combinations and the fast play endings .They have to mark on the man to make outmarking and dribbling easier .Outside players can only play at one touch.

Four squares of 10x10 meters are prepared, separated by a central line.On each zone a offensive player is placed inside, and a defensive player at the limits .Two attackers more will play at the central line with the opposition of one defender .The objetive is to maintain the ball by looking constantly for pass lines that make it easier for the ball owner .Defenders will only be able to go for the ball if it is at their defensive zone.

Passing and returning between two players. the first player will drive the ball towards the companion, then dribbles him and shoots to goal.