Divide players into three teams.2 teams play inside playground ant the other outside, as support.The two teams will try to score, for what they can use outside players as support .Each 8 or 10 minutes, rotate teams.

In half a field, divided in two sides, there is played a game 5 on 4 .The team with 4 players press with 3 of them the side of the field with the ball .The oponent team must score on the small goals.

Two teams play to eliminate each other. The players will get the ball with the hands and will be unable to make more than three steeps with .A plyer will be eliminated if he is touched by ball.The player exiting field will be elimimated too.The team that eliminates all the enemy player in least time will win.

The mid player try to drive to the most far cone.The other two player will start at the same time and try to catch him.

Frontal pass between two players.Once the pass is done, control, and driving fast towards pivot.The player with ball will try to get there before the other player gets him.The pursuing player will start running in the moment that the other receives the pass .

Half of the players of a team place opposite of the other team´s half and at 15-20 meters.Halfway there are two cones.They have to drive fast from one point to the other.One the driving player reach the cone line, the next can start running.The team that get all it`s player thru the line in fist place, wins.

At a zone market with pivots will be placed; 5 players, a ball for player and 5 pivots.They have to drive the ball thought the square, without losing control, avoiding pivots.

Players are placer into two rows and in the middle it´s placed an small fence (60 cm). Players must pass the ball over fence and quicky jump the fence with feet together .

The players are placed at end line, one each side of goal, a pass in direction to penalty point is made, so the player in the opposite side can run and strike.One the pass is made the player run to kick to goal.After kicking they change sides.

X1 pass to X2 who drive the ball to the big area .X1 runs to encounter X2 to function as defender.X2 dribbles and ends with a kick .

X1 long passes to X3 who controls and try to overcome the opposition of X1 and X2.X2 covers X1 should he become surpased.

X1 pass and get ball back from realiza X2.X1 pass to X3 and both goes to encounter to act as defender.X3 drives to get an 1x1 versus X1.X2 goes to support X3 giving him the possibility of making a wall pass or simply pass.To finish there is a goal kick.

X1 makes a wall pass to X2.X1 makes a low touched pass to X3.X2 runs to opposite. X3 drives to get a one on one with X2 who runs towards him.X1 enters to support X3, giving him the posibility of making a single or a wall pass.

Combinative action for 5 players .X1 starts the play with a pass to X2 who at the first touch make a wall pass whit him .X1 Playing at one touch passes to X3.X1 will pass so to be at the initial position of X2.X3 makes a pass and at that moment, X5 runs to him, so after a wall pass, they pass to the arriving X4.X5 Will then be at the the position of X1 and X4 Will be at the position of X5.Kicks will be made to golal except the defenders, who will try to kick the ball between pivots (at least 2 of each 3 kicks).

Maintain the ball owning trying that to avoid it from being intercepted by the player placed at the center of the circle.

A player runs to the middle of the field where, after rounding a pivot will make a deep pass .Once this pass is made, the player behind will start to run, drive the ball some meters and pass to the area so the first player cap to goal .

X1 wall passes to X2 and then open the ball towards the position of X3.X3 makes an oriented control and passes to X2.X2 Makes a control with protection and twist to pass to X4.X4 after controlling the ball makes a deep and high pass towards the starting position .Make the exercise changing the direction of the ball.