Players place themselves forming a "Y".The players make a sucession of passes whili driving whitout kicking the ball.X1 wall passes to X2 and passes to X3.X3 drives the ball to the starting point.The exercise will be done with two balls at the same time (one at each flank of the "Y").When they reach the starting position, the exercise starts again at the other flank.

5 cones are placed perpendiculary to two rows of players.With a ball starting from each flank, the players must drive the ball dribbling cones from the center to one flank and return, finishing the exercise with a low pass to the next player on the opposite row.

Each player runs continuosly the circuit.Starts with a zig-zag driving, and then kicks the ball.Then goes to the second ball, drives around the cone, and kicks to goal again.Then looks for the ball at the flank, drives it around the cone and kicks to goal a therd time.Later he recovers the fourth ball and drives it, letting it for the next player to start the exercise.

Series of passes between players to finish with a pass to a fourth player.After a little driving kick to goal.Make the exercise at both flanks of the field.

Series of oriented controls, short passes, wall passes... with two balls (Wich never stop) and the players rotating from point to point .x1 passes to x2.x2 controls backwards and passes, while twisting to x3.x3 passes to x4, x4 to x5, x5 to x6(who previously outmarks),all by short passes and oriented controls.x6 makes a wall pass with x7 and drives till x1.Starts again.