The players are divided into two teams that fight to keep the ball. In the marked zone (square) could only enter a player per team .A goal will be scored when a team get a combo of pass and devolution with a player inside square.They can´t stand still at square.

The players are divided into two teams.One team will try to maintain ball, and can have support from both goalkeepers (who play with feet).When the defending team gets the ball, it will try to score on any goal.At half time the positions interchange.The team with bigger score wins.

Divide players into two teams.Each team will attack and defend two small goals. The goal of the game is to score the most, while working the cnages of orientation and the rythm of the driving.At the same time, as they have to defend two small goals, the game is very suitable to work on zone defense, with supporting, changes of role and position for every player on team .

Competition between two teams.They will try to reach as soon as possible to kick to goal.

Series;1)Sprint to 1st signal, and back recovering, Sprint to 2nd signal, and back recovering...2)One touch passes with feet inside.3)Air ball dominion in pairs (with feet) .4)Just like serie one, but driving a ball.5)Jump with feets together over fences.6)ball dominion in pairs (with head).Two complete runs around playground:1ª)30” of action 30” of recovering.2ª)20” of action 40” of recovering.

Combined action with 4 player reaching goal and capping .x1 Make a drive and pass to x3.x3 returns with 1 touch towards x2.x2 make a change of orientation looking for outmarking from x4.x2 Will reach to the short one, x3 to the penalty point and x1 to the second pole.

Two rows of cones of about 40 meters will be used as a goal .The players are divided into two teams .To score a goal the row must be surpased driving the ball throught it and letting it stopped by the row, at aprox. 2 or 3 meters (To make sure that the ball enters controlled).

Make two teams of three players each and a joker player. Each team attacks and defends two small goals and when owning the ball can use the joker for numerical superiority .Defense is zone and change based.The attack is based on the circulation speed and on the search for amplitude to create spaces.

X1 passes to X2 and receive the ball from him, them he makes a high pass to X3.X3 returns the ball in one touch to X6.X6 Start the exercise (same as X1) but at the other side of the rectangle.It is make continuosly so each player places himself one place forwards clockwise .At half time, change the direction of rotation.

Inside a marked square are placed two teams of 3 players each and a joker .At two sides are placed another two jokers .Both inside teams fight for the ball owning, anytime they can be supported by the jokers .There are always 6 attackers on 3 defenders .

Superiority play of 6 attackers on 4 defenders .Before finishing the play, a predetermined number of passes must be made .The objetive is to get superiority on attack or inside spaces to finish the play by changes of orientation or by ofensive variables.They will try to score the maximun number of goals in a given time.

The players are divided into two teams of 7 each and two goals are placed with cones on the inside zone of the playground .The objetive of the game is to score on any goal.For the point to be valid it must be scored on the back of the goal.On this Match there will be no goalkeepers.

The players are divided into two teams.There are two small goals, placed at the sides, and one big goal, at the middle.The objetive is to score the most, but to score at the big goal, it must be done by head.

Match between two teams.At the goal zone of each team must be two attackers and two defenders .The players on the defensive zone will only be able to exit it if : - There is no other player of the same team at that zone - He has the ball - Runs to control the pass from a team mate.Defenders mark to the man.

The players are divided into 6 positions ; 4 at the end line and 2 more at the center areas .X1 begins at the end line, getting support from the inside player X2, passes to X3 and get into the flank to pass to the area.X3 returns the ball when X1 arrives.X2 after doing the support get inside area to cap.Players interchange positions.

Basculation between X1,X2 and X3.When X3 recibe receives the ball, X5 makes an outmarking movement to recive the ball from X3.They make a wall pass.X5 goes for the cap(at the first pole) and X4(at the second one).

X4 passes to the flank where X1 is.X1 wall passes to X2 and later they pass in diagonal to para X3.X3 leaves the ball towards the space in front of X2.X2 deep passes towards the forwarder X4.X4 makes a short combination with X3 and outmarks himself to receive a deep pass and finish the exercise kicking to goal.