2 teams play to eliminate each other.If the trainer says a even number then everyone runs to the right, and if he says an other number, then to the left .They must reach the pivot before their companion to avoid elimination.

Two teams play to eliminate each other. The players will get the ball with the hands and will be unable to make more than three steeps with .A plyer will be eliminated if he is touched by ball.The player exiting field will be elimimated too.The team that eliminates all the enemy player in least time will win.

All players but one will have a bodice attached backards.The bodiceless player will try to get one from another player .The game will finish when nobody has a bodice.

Pested game.In the moment that a player get touched by the pested player he will be inmobiliced.He will be able to move again only if another player passes between his legs.

Each player will have an assigned number.As the trainer says a number, the player of each team with that number will try to reach the ball and kick to goal .The player that reach the ball later will be eliminated so will be the non scoring one.

Player run around some balls.There will always be a ball less than players.When signaled by the trainer, all players will try to get a ball.The ball less player will be eliminated.

Handkerchief game, but with ball.As the trainer says a number, a player from each team start to .The players must take the ball and drive it to the start point, they must avoid the other player from stealing it before reaching the line.

A ball pero player except two players.These will try to steal the balls of the rest of the players.

When signaled by the coach all players will start to run between pivots.When finishing, they will try to score a goal in the defended net.

The mid player try to drive to the most far cone.The other two player will start at the same time and try to catch him.

They will be two round with some player in and some inside at two touchs.Outside players will have a bodice on hands.When signaled, they release the bodices and run to get the ones released by the other team.The two without bodices play inside the round.

Frontal pass between two players.Once the pass is done, control, and driving fast towards pivot.The player with ball will try to get there before the other player gets him.The pursuing player will start running in the moment that the other receives the pass .

Play to score with head.Passes will be done with the hands.The goals scored when some player of the team is in the midfield will be void.

Two files, the players back to back with lazed arms try to push.They have to push the opponent team further of the line formed by the pivots.

X1 make a wall pass with X2.X1 pass to X3 who controls and go back to first position.Driving with different leg at each side of the Y.

Slalom run between cones.Feet united jump over fences.Run and round around cones (attack each one a side).Walk to the first position while recovering.

There will be 3 rounds to the circuit, made by repetitions.1ª) 20 iterations on a time 2ª) 15 iterations on a time 3ª) 10 iterations on a time.rest about 30" between times.a Time: 1-Abd.dorsal 2-Lumbar with leg elevation 3-Abd.inferior with leg elevation 4-Upper Abd. with extended legs 5-Lumbar with body elevation 6-Upper Abd. with semi extended legs.