Half of the players of a team place opposite of the other team´s half and at 15-20 meters.Halfway there are two cones.They have to drive fast from one point to the other.One the driving player reach the cone line, the next can start running.The team that get all it`s player thru the line in fist place, wins.

2 teams of five player each play a possesion match with hands.The objective will be to get ten passes without being intercepted.The team thats get the passes win a point.The team with more points wins.

At a zone market with pivots will be placed; 5 players, a ball for player and 5 pivots.They have to drive the ball thought the square, without losing control, avoiding pivots.

The players are numbered from 1 to 6.They will be signaled by pairs.They will run to the pivot.The last one in reaching the pivot will be eliminated .

All players will be given a number.The player signaled by the coach will pass below the legs of all the other players.

Relief race all over the playground.One player runs and when a round its complete, gives a testige to the next player.The team with the last player reaching goal in fist place, wins.

All players are sit down.Competition between two teams.When signaled by the trainer, the fist of the file will position last.The fist team reaching the pivot wins.

Players stand up.When signaled the last player runs between his companions and position fist.The fist team reaching the pivot wins.

Make four teams (two per area).Run with amplitude (70-80%) from area to area, recovery walking to plaground´s end and to area.Team run in relief´s mode(finish one and start another).8 iterations, When done 3 min of active recovering.Reduce to three teams and make 6 iterations.Finish with 5 minutes of active recovering.

The players are divided into four teams.The exercise will be done throught playground.6 go and back running.4 go and back, recovery jogging.2 go-back-go, recovery walking(when returning).4 go, recovery jogging.Make seriaes at 79.80%.To finish, 5 minutes of active recovering.

All players are divided into three or four teams of four players each.Each team has a ball.Its played in reliefs.Fist player takes the ball to the firsto cone.Second player runs and take it back.Third player takes it to the next cone.

Players are placer into two rows and in the middle it´s placed an small fence (60 cm). Players must pass the ball over fence and quicky jump the fence with feet together .

Each pair occupies two goals made with pivots.The left player have the ball and must pass it to the right´s .After pass the two players run for the opposite goal.

There is two teams playing the pest ( touch and eliminate). At first only one player will try to touch the rest.When a player from the opposite team is touched, then he is eliminated, and another player enters.

1)Throw ball over head .2)Jump over a rope with feet together.3)Arm moving(forward and backwards).4ª)Ball dominion in air.5)Walking on hands (with or without suppoting).6)zigzag backwards.Two complete circuit laps:1ª)45” action 15” recovering.2ª)40” action 20” recovering.

series;1)Side opening of both legs, and bending body forwards touching feets .2)Arm flexions(making the lizard).3)Cuadriceps extension while standing on one leg .4)Squatting, walking .5)on Knees balancing torso backwards and forwards.6)Fence jump position, looking for the feet end. Two complete laps to circuit:1)15” action .2)20” action .Walk recovering between series.

It will be comendable to find two slopes with differen inclination; Long slope (8% aprox ), Short slope (25% aprox ).1st serie; 8 iterations of 50 meters over 8% slope. 2nd serie;6 iterations of 50 meters over 8% slope but faster..3rd serie; 4 iterations of 10 meters over 25% slope.Slope, inclinated upwards..